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Why Privateer?

Sorting out the perfect set of custom wheels can get pretty confusing with all the brand options, sizes, and different mountain bike standards currently available. Add to that, the desire to pick the ideal parts to complement your bike, and both where and how you ride, and the task can be pretty time consuming.

The good news is that after you cut through the complexity, there has never been more options to hand build custom wheels. This is where Privateer is here to help - we are total bike nerds who geek out on all the new products and trends so you don't have to. We do our homework and testing so you can spend more time riding and less time scouring the net. 

We will bring options to the table that will suit your bike, your favorite trails, your style, your stature, your ability, and your budget. Lastly, we will build your wheels to last.

Making the purchase.

At Privateer we prefer to take a more personal approach. We feel that before we can get you the right wheels, we first need to get to know you and your needs. 

If you are in the GTA, we recommend an in person consultation. We would be happy to meet in person and typically will suggest a coffee shop where we can sit (the coffee is on us!), define and analyze your needs and present you with options. We'll even meet you for a ride if you like! 

If you aren't in the GTA, we would strongly suggest a phone call to flesh out your preferences and requirements, though we do understand everyone is busy these days and we'll also work with you via e-mail like any web-based business.

Once we've defined what the perfect set of wheels is for you is, we'll take away an agreed upon build specification and price, and bring your new wheels to life. When  ready, we'll be in touch to confirm pick-up or delivery if you are in the GTA, or provide you with shipping information if you are outside the GTA.

Should you need assistance fitting the new wheels on your bike, let us know in advance and we'll be happy to assist in getting you up and rolling.

Let's talk about bikes!

Have questions, or want a consultation?

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