The builder & owner

Meet Mark

"I've been riding bikes since I was a kid, and always had an affinity for the mechanical side of bicycles themselves. I think that's probably why I gravitated towards being a shop-rat and wrench-hand during my time in university. I've also always been very particular over my own set-up, and I think that spilled over into being pretty obsessive and analytical over the work I do for other people. Truth be told, I enjoy tinkering with bikes as much as I like riding them.

If I were to guess, I would say I've been lacing wheels for myself and other people for twelve or thirteen years, both through shops and as a privateer mechanic. I've always enjoyed spoking a wheel - it's one of those jobs that I get a good deal of satisfaction from and enjoy doing for other people. I've put a lot of time into reading and researching early on and have a pretty proven process for building strong wheels, and I'm very confident that everyone I lace a set for will be happy with the end result.

I relocated to the GTA in 2015, from Newfoundland. I've been pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and community I've found in mountain biking here, and that's really what has driven me to start building as a gig - the people. For me, it's an outlet to get to know more about the people here and to be a part of Ontario cycling, and that's really cool. I'm constantly  impressed by the quality of riders around Ontario, and I hope I can add value to their cycling experience in return."